6 Helpful hints to help your child with homework

6 Helpful hints to help your child with homework

The school task should be enjoyable for the child to reflect on their learning. Thus it can test the knowledge itself and have a moment of exchange between the child and the family.

Many parents find it difficult to encourage children to do homework. With that in mind, we've created this article with helpful tips to help make this task easier:

The important role of parents in the school task

Young children often can not organize themselves to do their homework. It is therefore essential that parents devote themselves to helping. Organizing time and arranging a suitable location is as important as having the necessary materials at hand.

Learn at home too

The important thing is that both students and parents know that the study routinedoes not end at the door of the school, after four or five hours of class. At home, the study should continue, in the form of homework.

  1. The task is a reinforcement of the contents worked, a moment of reflection on the learning. But how can we effectively help our children?

Homework is an opportunity for the family to share knowledge with their children and to demonstrate interest in the child's school life will help in the training of the student and reveals the importance that the family attaches to the studies.

It is very important that the child has a set time for the task, in a calm environment and free of anything that can draw attention. Parents should follow the homework assignments at the time of the assignment or reserve a daily or weekly time. Here's how to optimize this task:

  • Check whether the task was done, or not, by reinforcing the attitude of responsibility;
  • Observe if it is well done or lacking commitment (whim, organization, cleanliness);
  • Praise, motivate and stimulate effort and fulfillment by talking about successes and mistakes.

Research shows: homework helps learning

The benefits of doing a good homework are proven by several surveys. Well-crafted school assignments help to pin down content, teach the importance of studying outside of school, and even increase responsibility and autonomy.

So the sooner the child starts doing homework the better, does not it ?! No, it's not that simple! Some parents think that it is right to do the job for the child, but the child must be informed that the task is their responsibility and not the mother or the father.

Guide the little ones well in the school task

As our little ones in early childhood education still can not read, it is up to the parents to guide them in the task. In case of difficulty, parents need to communicate to the teacher, acting in partnership.

Gradually, the child develops responsibility, realizing that the task can become a pleasant and enjoyable moment, as well as realizing that through it, it is possible to better understand the contents worked in the school, making their learning more consistent.

The daily task of the child

Little by little, parents can show their children that homework is like any other task the child has, such as storing toys, packing up messes, cleaning up dirt that has been made, etc.

Encourage with affection the accomplishment of the school task

As soon as the child finishes the task, it is important that the parents confide in it and praise the child. After all, who does not like a compliment after a fulfilled task?

Good lesson! Participating in your child's school life is your duty, just as studying is his responsibility.

Write down!

Studies show that children encouraged by parents to study and do their homework perform better at school. However, parents should be warned that stimulating does not mean performing the task of the child.


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