5 Tricky Ways to Take Care of Your Feet Naturally

5 Tricky Ways to Take Care of Your Feet Naturally

Are you scared that your feet will look cracked and dry with time? Is your family and friends are complaining about the fact that your feet have started to look bad? That’s true that many men and women complain about having dry and cracked feet as they grow old. Taking care of your feet will make your feet soft and smooth. You don’t have to buy expensive cream and moisturizers for it or spending a lot of money just to make them look good. Some simple tips would work. So, here are 5 tricky ways to take care of your feet naturally.

Keep your feet covered

Your feet are your assets. They deserve equal care than any part of your body. Keeping them exposed all the time will eventually steal the soft look from them as air and dust can affect them badly. For women, they should wear womens athletic socks and not only women, but men can also protect their feet wearing socks most of the time. keep them neat as hygiene counts the most.

Use petroleum jelly

Petroleum jelly has a high amount of grease, soft paraffin, and hydrocarbons which allows the skin to get soft more easily than any other product. First, clean your feet well and apply a generous amount of petroleum jelly all over your feet skin. and wear socks. If you will repeatedly do this every night, you will see the difference in your feet’s skin.

Pomace stone magic

People use pomace stone only on the body but it can be a great item to use on feet as well. As your body keeps on replacing old skin with new, you will need to apply pomace stone to remove the dry and flaky skin, especially on your feet with the help of soap or while taking shower. Apply a good amount of moisturizer on your feet so that your feet will remain soft afterward.

Use gentle products

Using loaded products which are not natural can damage your feet skin. Try to avoid them as they will make your feet dry, ending up in having crackled skin. Use natural items instead and gentle soaps to clean your feet on a regular basis. Remember using simple non-chemicalized products will not harm your skin so shop smartly. You can search for 100% vegan products; they give good results as compared to the ones which banners as natural but contains chemicals.

Avoid ill-fitted shoes

Ill-fitted shoes can become bone of contention for the having corn and callus. Wearing high-heels mostly can trigger it by putting pressure and friction on certain areas of the foot. If you are wearing such shoes then make sure that you're putting a good foot sole in the shoe. Remember, corn is generally smaller at the beginning and it gets painful with time. Always keep check of other feet diseases such as a blister, bunion, etc.

We have listed a few things and some precautions that will be helpful in getting you softer feet for a longer period of time. You can try other home remedies as well.

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