5 Tips for Maintaining Commercial Kitchen Refrigerator

5 Tips for Maintaining Commercial Kitchen Refrigerator

Retail owners should know that buying the commercial appliances for their retail store is not enough. Infect they have to maintain and repair these units on a regular basis. As that will help you to improve the overall efficiency and performance of the appliance. So make up your mind as you have to do some work of regular basis. Just like cleaning the freezer, maintaining door rubbers, maintaining its temperature, storing food correctly and protecting the appliance from heat. All these things will help you to improve the overall performance of your freezer and make it more efficient. Here in this article we are discussing about things that you have to do for maintaining the refrigerator:

1. Check and Maintain the Door Seals:

The first thing that is very important for maintaining the refrigerator is the seals of the doors. Keep in mind that these seals should be in the best form as this will allow the cool air to remain inside the fridge. Keep in mind that damaged or loose seals will let the air get out of the refrigerator. That will automatically require more energy consumption of the refrigerator. So yes, you should prefer to maintain the door seals and allow them to stay within the refrigerator.

2. Opt to Maintain Moisture Levels:

Another factor that will affect the food storage in the best single glass door upright freezer in UK is to maintain its moisture level. Keep in mind that you should try to remove the overall moisture level of food items that you are storing in your commercial fridge. But if you want to store food items for a long time, then it must have 10% or less moisture content in it.

3. Opt to Keep the Coils Clean:

Another thing that is very important to keep the refrigerator in the best possible condition is to keep the coils clean. Obviously clean refrigerator will work in the best possible way that will help you to keep things fresh and healthy for a much longer time period. For commercial refrigerator you should prefer to make a cleaning schedule that will automatically help you to improve the efficiency of refrigerator.

4. Maintain the Temperature Levels:

Other than that you should know that you have to maintain zero degrees (0°F) temperature of your freezer. As that will help you to keep the food items fresh and hygienic. And allow you to store them for a longer time period. Other than that, some people also opt to set the temperature at -10°F to -20°F. As that will help them to store more food items quickly.

5. Keep the Top Empty and Clutter Free:

Another thing that you should prefer to do while maintaining the refrigeration unit is to keep it clutter free. So for this you should prefer to avoid storing any types of packages, food items, baskets or boxes on top of it. Keep in mind that if you will store things on the upper side of your refrigeration unit, it will block the heat from getting escaped. That might become the reason of lowering down the overall efficiency of refrigeration unit. So if you actually want to increase its efficiency, then opt to keep its top empty.

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