5 Steam Carpet Cleaning Mistakes to Stop Immediately

5 Steam Carpet Cleaning Mistakes to Stop Immediately

Carpet cleaning is not an easy job and only someone with an OCD is willing to take up a DIY carpet cleaning task at home. No one minds saving up a few bucks here and there and steam carpet cleaning is wee bit heavy on the pocket. Cleaning carpets at home not only saves some cash but it is also handy to know a few tips especially what to ‘not’ do to your carpet to increase its life. After all, one doesn’t splurge in interior every now and then. Some like to call up professionals to do the job like Steam Carpet Cleaner in The Bronx NY for carpet cleaning. Everyone else must have their own set of methods of carpet cleaning that does the trick for them, it is also very important to remember what you must avoid doing at all costs to not ruin your expensive carpets in the experiments.

Carpet cleaning mistakes you should stop right now

1. Baking Soda + Vinegar DIY Cleaner

If baking soda and vinegar is your magic potion for carpet cleaning, you might want to reconsider it. Although it works well on stains and it is ideal for spot cleaning, using it for the whole carpet cleaning is a bad idea. Vinegar will not only lighten stains, it will also lighten the color of your carpet over time.

2. Saving Time & Money

Who doesn’t like saving money? But when you already have spent enough on a beautiful $300 rug or much more on the carpeting, maintaining it and professional handling will only increase its life. Cleaning it yourself and experiments can damage it and sometimes you can’t repair them at all. Hiring a professional on the other hand will save time and the money you spent on the carpet!

3. Expecting Lots from Lint Rollers

Lint rollers are good for picking up pet hair from the carpet and keep the carpet appearing neat. It does take off what is on the surface. It doesn’t however ensure complete pet hair removal from the carpet. The hair which has reached the roots of the carpet needs to be taken out to ensure hygiene and cleanliness and that is surely not the job of a lint remover/roller.

4. Removing Stains with Iron

Taking off stains with an iron is not recommended when cleaning carpets on your own. Such tasks can only be handled by the professionals and Weekly Cleaning Service in The Bronx NY if you want your carpets to keep looking vibrant and as good as new. Using iron for stains can result in further damage and larger stains that you are trying to remove instead.

5. Blotting

Blotting is yet another mistake that people cleaning their carpets at home make. Blotting anything on the carpet not only pushes the dirt or stain on the surface further lower in the carpet root, it also deposits it there and then it takes extensive cleaning to take it out from there.

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