5 Recommended Part-Time Jobs to Boost Self-Confidence and Financial Life

5 Recommended Part-Time Jobs to Boost Self-Confidence and Financial Life

In these tough economic times, it pays (literally and figuratively) to have two or three jobs at the same time. It’s worth a shot to get another job apart from your current employment. With the constant change on prices of basic commodities, most of the time, our full-time salary is not enough. We even have to make payday loans to make up with the bills.

In order to help fulfill our financial obligations, we seek part-time jobs that can help us survive. However, you need to make sure that you are working on something you’re truly interested in. This way, you’re earning more and you’re also feeling fulfilled at what you do. We may not get the dream job we always want, but working on something you truly care about boost our confidence and increases our self-improvement in the long run.

Here are some suggested fun part-time jobs you can do during your free time:

Events Coordinating

Are your organizational and resourceful traits up to snuff? Because you’ll need both and more to become a great events coordinator. Constantly coming up with ingenious ideas and keeping grace under pressure are a must if you want projects to keep coming in. To begin in this field, you can start planning for your friends and family first, and from there, depend on referrals. In this kind of business, word of mouth is always the best advertisement to succeed.

Freelance Writing

If you have a way with words, you can definitely thrive as a writer. There are now a multitude of freelance writing opportunities in the market today, from professional blogging to book reviewing to travel writing. You only have to decide your niche, and work from there.

Makeup Artist

If you find yourself persistently being hounded by your friends to do their makeup every time you go out, then why not make a business of it? Of course, you can’t charge your girlfriends, but you can use them as referrals. Aside from your social network, you can also offer make-up service to event coordinators and studio outfits.


Take those priceless moments (and a few extra bucks as well) by offering your masterful eye as a photographer to special events such as birthdays and baptisms. In order to actually convince people to hire you, you should compile a portfolio that showcases your talents at capturing the beauty and soul of people.

Graphic Designing

If you have an eye for colors, design, balance, and winning ideas, graphic designing is for you. These days, a lot of businesses are looking for people who can make eye-candy visuals that will create an appeal to people and eventually convert them as potential customers. In the recent years, graphic designers are in demand in the field of online marketing and continuously needed for conventional advertising. Love colors, fonts, brush, gradient, elements, and Adobe Photoshop? Then it’s time to use your imagination to get a successful part-time job.

All you need to have is determination, willingness to improve your personal finances, and creativity to do these part-time jobs. You will be surprised on how much you can do as the days pass by. Remember to have patient and keep on trying. Good luck and be happy working hard for yourself.

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