5 Reasons Why Hiring A Coach Is Important

5 Reasons Why Hiring A Coach Is Important

We as humans are constantly evolving and trying to be our best version possible. At some point of time in life, we need to take different actions to get life-altering results. The intensity of the situation will demand formal coaching or self-coaching which will take you to your desired destination. There are two ways any individual could approach this, either by hiring an expert or doing it yourself which largely depends on how motivated and passionate you are and your attitude to the challenges that you face in your journey.

1. A Coach Keeps You Accountable

How many times have you made New Year resolutions only to realize mid-way that it was never taken seriously? As humans we have a tendency to take self-growth and personal development for granted or for that matter get bogged down by monotony unless and until your passion drives you to insanity and motivates you to reach your peak.

A coach keeps you accountable and answerable. You start taking daily actions to achieve your goals and as a result you are able to achieve timely goals and you have a control on your life.

2. You Can Take Charge of Your Life

There are only 2 things that happen to an individual. Either you take a control on your life or by default life takes a toll on you. Recall any tough situation in your life, either you gave in to the situation or you fought back. Any chronic illness, financial adversity, disheartening or weakening relationships either we hold our heads up and fight against all odds or give up if we are not strong enough. A coach will never allow you to quit on your dreams no matter how tough the situation would be. A coach helps you to plan, strategize, execute and monitor your daily, weekly and monthly progress. So the results are tangible which helps you to stay motivated to achieve goals in any walk of life be it your career or finances.

3. Acts as a Catalyst in Your Growth

A coach is selfless and non-judgmental. He is genuinely interested in your personal growth and development. That is his nature of services offered or for that matter that is his job, his bread and butter. He at no time will put you or his consulting business in jeopardy as his practice will only grow if he satisfies you to the best of his ability. It is his duty to show you the mirror and thereby design a foolproof strategy that can make you vigilant, active and most important put you to action.

4. Helps You to Accelerate Your Progress

How many times you know what you want but don’t know where to start? How to kick-start your journey? And you keep circling in this vicious cycle of thoughts only to realize that you just ended up wasting a lot of time in only thinking but resulted in zero percent execution.

If you want to fast-track any area of your life the best way is to hire a coach. It could be a business coach, a life coach or for that matter your fitness coach. A coach helps you to cut off the crap and work on what is needed. They address your specific concerns. It is all about experiential learning that will help you to progress and eliminate all the ‘ifs’ and ‘buts’ from your life. Most important there is absolutely no time spent on trial and error as the coach knows what is right for you and will put you on track right from day one. A lot of time is otherwise spent on trying out different options which many a times leads to disharmony and ends up in losing focus on your final destination.

5. Motivates You During an Emotional Meltdown

This is not right for me. I am not good at this. This is not my cup of tea. I think I should quit.

You feel low, disheartened, exhausted and irritable and decision-making becomes difficult.

As individuals we all go through rough patches in our lives, we all have our share of ups and downs. But what matters most is your attitude to the adversities that you are facing, how are you dealing with it? A coach helps you to overcome any negative thoughts that you experience and stands by you and makes sure that you stay rock solid no matter how difficult the situation could be. He acts like your support system to keep you intact mentally and emotionally.

Do it Yourself is too a great option if you are self-motivated, you enjoy doing things at your own pace and are not willing to invest in a trainer. But time is the watch word here, are you achieving your goals on time? Are you consistent and persistent? That is what sets you apart and makes you remarkable. Most important do you know where you need to start from? Many individuals know what they want but do not have the clarity on the route to their destination.

Do you know what are the action steps to be taken on a daily basis to reach your goals? If yes, you could go ahead doing it yourself vs. hiring a coach.

I hope this blog will help you to decide what the best option for you is.

Stay tuned for my next blog on how to be self motivated all the time. And if you have any questions leave it on the comments.

To Your Success,

Sandhya Bajaj.

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