5 Reasons Why a Logo is Important to Your Business

5 Reasons Why a Logo is Important to Your Business

With people having a shorter attention span, companies are finding ways to make their brand recognized by making memorable logos. Since more customer these days judge a brand by their overall presentation as much as the product or service they offer, it has become imminent to design a logo that grabs a viewer’s attention and gives a visual symbol that represents the company’s core values distinctively.

Because of this marketing medium, businesses of all size are spending more resources on creating unique ideas. Bigger businesses can afford to shell out millions on logo design whereas smaller businesses and start-ups don’t have much to spend. However, by contemplating what aspects go into logo designing and how it will contribute to the success of your business you can stay a step ahead of your competition.

9Dzine has listed top 5 reasons why a logo is a beating pulse to your brand.

Create an impacting first impression: Few logos have a powerful visual association to people’s memory. A well-designed logo is appealing to your customers and will make them curious to know about the company behind such a creative logo design. Whereas a poor logo design can cause your company to have negative effects on the brand image which will have the worst effects on your business.

The logo has the power to be memorable and iconic: Say, for example, McDonald's golden arches are so easily recognizable that they no longer have to mention the text “McDonalds” for you to know what the symbol represents. Then the famous swoosh from ‘Nike’. A strong logo design guarantees your company is remembered in the best way possible.

Makes Branding efforts more effective: Logo designing is just a part of a company’s branding exercise. However, you should begin with this step, as it determines the company’s visual tone, font, and look& feel, which will give your brand a personality & authenticity that will resonate with your customers. A logo will be the foundation of your brand campaigns and forward thinking.

Tells a lot about your company’s values: For some people, the logo is just an image with some nice colour that you need to have because most businesses have it. But, there is a deeper meaning to a logo than just an image. A professional logo design agency can help you create a symbol that communicates the company’s vision, mission, and purpose. For example, 9Dzine Creative Agency in Mumbai understands your company’s best qualities and helps with decisions to choose the right colour or the font angle in efforts to make your logo more purposeful.

A logo defines your consumer loyalty & brand image: A lot of companies do not an emphasis on the design quality of a logo, maybe to cut corners, save money and shorten design time, which in the long-run can be expensive on your brand image. Consumer loyalty is a big deal and something that every business needs to nurture. What consumer hates the most is a constantly changing logo of a brand, because they have to retrain their brain to recognize the same brand. A memorable logo design has a long-term effect on brand loyalty, it is what distinguishes you from your competition and makes finding your brand easy in a crowd.

Remember, a well-designed logo is an investment and not something that you make and forget about. So, get started with your professional designer, right away!!

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