5 Reasons to Consider a Small Buck Pocket Knife for Your EDC Kit

5 Reasons to Consider a Small Buck Pocket Knife for Your EDC Kit

When putting together our everyday carry kits, it’s important to think about both portability and function. While larger knives are sometimes the most durable problem-solvers, everyday carry setups need to be ready to go, easy to move, and functional all at the same time. For these reasons, a Small Buck Pocket Knife might just be the perfect fit for an EDC. Here are 5 straightforward reasons to think about picking up a Buck knife before you make a decision:

1. Legacy of Quality
Buck Knives was founded by Hoyt Buck in 1902 with a promise to their customers that they would always stand behind their products. The founding values that guided Buck Knives to greatness are still in place today; every single knife is covered by a “Buck Forever” warranty, even small Buck pocket knives. While smaller knives by discount manufacturers are often prone to weaker blades (due to the thinness of their build,) Buck Knives is willing to stand behind their product 100% of the way. Since EDCs are all about preparedness, having a knife that the maker puts their faith in strongly is just perfect.

2. Fantastic Support
A small Buck pocket knife isn’t just a blade and a handle, it’s a piece of family history, and it’s treated as so. Buck Knives provides excellent documentation, customer service, sharpening guides and more, directly to those who buy their knives. This kind of support is exactly what you want in an EDC knife.

3. Style
While style isn’t always the first consideration when buying for an EDC, it never hurts to have a good-looking pocket knife. Sometimes, your EDC kit includes you having your pocket knife on your toolbelt, and if that’s the case, a good-looking knife will go a long way. Thankfully, Buck knives are sleek and aesthetically pleasing without being over-designed or loud.

4. A Family Run Business
From Hoyt Buck to C.J. Buck, every leader of Buck Knives has been a member of the family. When you buy a Buck knife, you know where your money is going. For many, having an EDC is about peace of mind, and buying from a family you can trust is a financial peace of mind that few companies can offer these days. In a world of big-box retailers owned by faceless conglomerates, buying a knife from a family-owned company is an act of principle in and of itself.

5. Simple Options
Choosing a Buck knife means having countless options at your fingertips. With such a long history of knifemaking under their belt, their styles and designs show off just about every type of knife you could dream of. No matter what your knife needs are, you’re going to have lots to choose from with Buck knives. It’s that level of pure variety that makes Buck knives such a good choice. What’s almost even better is that if you decide you’d like a second knife, you’ll be able to choose a completely different design than your first one.

Making the decision to buy a small Buck pocket knife for your everyday carry setup is one that few survival and preparation-minded folks will regret. Buck knives are long-lasting, reliable, and come with the full backing of a family that truly loves their work – with the lineage to prove it!
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