5 Points on How to Choose a Domain Name for a Website that Standout

5 Points on How to Choose a Domain Name for a Website that Standout

A website is similar to a visiting card that is available for people 24/7. It does not only contain your product and services but your reputation as well. Your websites must look trustworthy. Domain Name of a website plays a vital role in deciding how a website will perform on the internet and for the people. Therefore, people must choose the right domain name for their websites.

Given below are 5 points that will help you to choose a good domain name for your website so that you can drive more traffic and conversions.

  • Choose the Easiest to Remember Combination

It is obvious that domain names should be easy to remember for people as we humans have limits on our memory. Although for choosing a domain name we don't need to learn about every aspect of human memory. But should think like a user for picking a name. It will be difficult for people to remember your website if it has a very tough name and this will directly impact the popularity of a website.

  • Make Your Address Mobile-Friendly

More than 75% of the whole internet traffic is coming from mobile devices like smartphones and tablets. If not more, then at least half of the people will be visiting your websites using a mobile device.

Moreover, people, these days are in habit of using auto-correct features. So, you need to select a domain name that is easy to remember. For example, names like Google and Bing, are short, simple, and easy to spell.

  • Add Keywords

Having a website with a keyword as a domain name can be amazingly profitable for a business. It is amazingly helpful from an SEO point of view and people will also be able to remember your websites easily.

But remember, your domain should make sense. It is not necessary to add the keyword in your domain name if they are not presenting your business.

  • Go for Brandable Domain Names

Branding plays an important role in attracting people. A study says that 75% of people make a because of the brand attached to it. The surprising thing is that 90% of the purchase are made only when the brand name sounds more trustworthy which provides the customer with a good feeling.

Some of the best examples of a brand that sounds trustworthy are Amazon, Google, Apple, and Tesla.

One should try to select a domain name that sounds like a brand. It's a tough choice but pronouncing it out loud can help a lot.

  • Acquire Existing or Expired Domain to Jump Ahead

Acquiring an existing domain is also one of the most clever moves that you can make for some extra benefits. An existing domain can help you yo in many ways that can increase your traffic and leads very easily. It is possible because an existing domain will have the following things:

  1. Authority backlinks
  2. High domain authority
  3. High PageRank
  4. Existing Brand Awareness

This might be only a little support for your website and services but can provide you with a jump start to rank fast and easily on SERP.

A domain name is not the only requirement of a website. A great website is nothing without a proper hosting service. Therefore, it is necessary to have proper hosting for a website. There are many hosting service providers but HostGator is one of the most trusted platforms.

One can get all types of hosting services at HostGator along with amazing features like:

  1. 24/7 technical support
  2. 45-days money-back guarantee
  3. 99.9% Uptime
  4. and many others

The shared hosting service of HostGator is amazing for small and medium-sized websites. If you are looking forward to buying hosting for your website then HostGator is surely the best platform for you.

By following all the mentioned points, you will be able to choose a good domain name for your website. For more details, check the web and observe all creative websites for better ideas.

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