5 Employee Advantages of Not Having a Company Uniform

5 Employee Advantages of Not Having a Company Uniform

There are many things that identify a company and its employees, and one of them is the company uniform. Any kind of uniform shows representation of the name it is worn for.

Nowadays, you will notice that countless companies all over the globe do not anymore require their employees to wear a uniform. You will probably just see a group of employees wearing a formal attire during their office lunch break, but you will not be able to know the company they belong to. For many, not having a company uniform is a good news! But why?

Here are 5 advantages employees get when the company they are in does not require them to wear a general uniform.


Without a company uniform, employees are free to select their clothes and to style themselves the way they want to. This is very beneficial for those who are into clothes so much and those who enjoy the struggle of picking clothes every morning or fortunately, the night before.

Depending on the company’s industry and the work’s demands, employees can also wear just anything they can, they want and they pull out of the closet while running late to work. They can personally choose what clothes to wear. If they bought a limited edition polo under their favorite brand, they will not just hide it in their cabinets until it’s olden by time, but they will happily wear it to work. It could be something that makes them feel fulfilled and motivated too -- little things that make them happy!

Even if the job requires a formal attire, employees can still be stylish in their own ways. If it’s casual, then, anything will do as long as it’s appropriate. Basically, if the company does not require uniforms, employees are free to wear what they want to wear and to showcase their love for fashion.


Without a company uniform, employees will not be recognized as an employee somewhere outside of the office. This could be a disadvantage for some people but a good thing for those who feel like wearing a uniform catches attention from other people. It makes them feel like strangers are curious of what they’re wearing and the company they belong to. When they’re in inside the office, they’re just one of those people wearing the same thing. When they’re out there in the public, they stand out with their uniform.


Without a company uniform, employees can wear and change clothes based on the conditions and changes around. An example of change include the weather. If the season is rainy and cold, they can wear pullovers and thick clothes. If it’s sunny and hot, they can wear short sleeved clothes, shirts and favorably thin clothes.

They can also wear clothes based on the difficulty they experience while commuting. If they have to run and experience crowded public transportations, some ladies may not find tight dresses helpful. If they have to ride a scooter or a motorbike, pants might be the most beneficial clothes for some.

If an employee has any certain condition on or in his/her body which disables him/her to wear a specific clothing style, it would be good if the company doesn’t have a uniform. For instance, a company uniform includes pants; if a lady employee has some rashes on her legs which must not be in contact with any type of fabric, she might inform her employer first that she will not be able to wear her uniform for the meantime.

Because employees are free to wear their own choice of clothes, they can prioritize their comfort in all aspects. They can adjust because what they wear is not something fixed.


Without a company uniform, employees don’t have to bring extra clothes to wear for a personal commitment after work. If one has to attend a birthday party right after work, he/she does not need to bring another set of clothes inside his/her bag. There’s no need to change clothes before leaving the office. He/she can already wear his/her clothes for the afternoon in the morning. No overloaded bag, no extra time consumed, no hassle.


Without a company uniform, it would be easy for everyone to be free and happy about what they’re wearing. There are certain uniform styles which are not allowed to be worn in particular cultures and beliefs. On the other hand, there are specific clothings in some cultures which are not allowed in certain jobs and companies.

There might be misunderstandings between the management and the employees when valued beliefs are involved. If there’s no company uniform, everyone can just wear what he/she personally believes is most proper and pleasing.



Above are some of the good points for employees about having no specific company uniform. If you’re an employer or a soon-to-be employer of a startup company, you should take note of these too because a company uniform, though it seems a simple topic, is relevant for your employees and for you.



Nicole Ann Pore is a daytime writer for HR Dept AUS, an Australian company providing HR support and services for any kind of business. Before the Communication field, Psychology is Nicole's long-time love and interest because people's behaviour intrigues and fascinates her a lot! As a writer and as a person, she wants to inspire and empower people in many ways possible. Because of the course she took up in college, Nicole has become interested in film critiquing and filmmaking. She is into events hosting and voice over acting and hosting.| Nicole graduated Cum Laude from De La Salle University Manila, Philippines with a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication Arts. “To God be all the glory”

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