For best results, digital marketing must be viewed from a holistic perspective, exploring each channel in a specific way, so that the company can stand out from the competition and appear in front of its customers.

It is still possible to obtain results, to a certain extent, satisfactory, even making mistakes . But such results can be exponentially more significant if the following errors are avoided:

1 - Ignore Google

If, even a few years ago - when Google's leadership was unquestionable, there were already people who ignored search engines =, with the popularization of social networks, it became common to go for a strategy only on these channels, without exploring all the potential of traffic organic, unpaid, search engine.

Forgetting Google is the first and most serious mistake of any company in a digital environment. There are two “specializations of this error”:

  1. Not producing rich and relevant content for your area of ​​expertise
  2. Not producing content suitable for SEO
  3. Copy content from other sites

Well-built content and pages, on a good website, with a well-defined logical structure and suitable for SEO are fundamental to attract visitors who fall "by parachute", for free or at very low cost.

2 - Ignore social networks

In the same way that searchers should not be ignored, social networks should also not be left out.

Even Twitter , not so popular in Brazil, can bring a good number of visits directly interested in the product or serve as a bridge for content disseminators.

The strategies for social networks are many and depend a lot on the channel. On Facebook and LinkedIn, for example, making targeted segmented posts is essential to gain visibility and increase the number of followers (note: on Facebook it is already possible to make segmented organic posts , with good results).

At a minimum, posts on the site must be integrated with social networks.

3 - Do not advertise

Some companies are so well known that they do not need to advertise to be found on social networks or search engines. In fact, many people, in fact, seek them directly. They are usually companies that invest heavily in traditional marketing or that are well known in their niches or areas of expertise.

It turns out that relying solely on organic marketing rarely leads to any growth. In fact, the company that does this tends to lose precious positions at the top of its customers' smartphone or computer screens, spaces that are taken over by its competitors. This, in the long run, dilutes the brand's presence.

In fact, a well-known brand even helps to make advertising costs cheaper, making life difficult for competitors. As ads tend to be more clicked and purchases made more on impulse, it may be that factor that prevents any other company from claiming a place in front of customers in the industry.

4 - Spend little money for ads

If there are companies that do not advertise on digital media, there are also companies that, due to internal budget reasons or even inexperience, allocate inadequate funds for the online advertising.

Some sectors require a minimum monthly investment for adequate exposure. In Adwords, for example, if the monthly or daily spending limit is low, ads tend to appear infrequently throughout the day, unless accelerated delivery is used, which is rarely a good thing. Testing with small budgets can be problematic, too, as you may have spent all of your money at a time not favorable to conversions.

Likewise, a very low CPC limit can yield very different results. A higher bid can cause your ad to appear among the top or bottom of the page. The difference in clicks is exponential, but it is not the only difference. In fact, converting ads to different parts of the screen tends to deviate, too.

In fact, if you are converting and generating profit, the advertising budget should be unlimited, always depending on the billing. And allocate a considerable amount, at least $ 2,000.00 per month, to adjustments before you start spending more heavily. In many sectors, sometimes not even half of that is necessary to start.

5 - Count on an inexperienced team

Digital marketers are usually like links in a chain. If one of these is weak, it breaks.

It is important that everyone involved in the project understands digital marketing well and has an open mindset to experiment, to discard tests that went wrong and to stick to the right strategies.

Having an experienced marketing manager or agency with proven results is essential. It is necessary for these professionals to define the strategies and for everyone to follow them, without giving rise to resistance and other internal political issues. It is a big mistake to hire a professional in the field and interfere in details of your work.

An addendum: it is essential that there is synergy between the marketing and sales sectors, so that the strategies that generated the best sales results (the so-called S-Marketing ) can be identified . An adequate measurement of results, without disputes between sectors, is vital for any strategy to be correctly evaluated.

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