5 Brilliant Tips That Will Make Your Shower More Luxuries

5 Brilliant Tips That Will Make Your Shower More Luxuries

Everyone loves to have the luxurious washroom, but it requires huge investment on your behalf. Before you start renovation, it’s better to set the budget limit so that you can plan bathroom renovation accordingly. There are so many tricks that will never cost you too high, but help you to make your washroom more luxurious. Here we are explaining some tips that you must implement while renovating your washroom:

1. Grout Colour:

If you are planning to renew the old tiles, then opt to refill its great. There are so many different colours available in tile grout that you can use to give a new look to your washroom. Keep in mind that you have to choose the contrasting shades of grout and try to follow the theme of your washroom interior. You can also use the glittered grout as that will make your washroom look luxurious.

2. Larger Format Tiles:

Another trick that you can implement while renovating your washroom is to install shower tiles in large format tiles. It will make your washroom look spacious and clean.

So yes, you can opt for tiles available in out-of-the-box dimension instead of buying the typical shower tiles that are available in the format of 3-inch by 6-inch. To make your washroom look more appealing, it’s better to install 2 by 9 inches size or else you can opt for 4 by 8 inches of the tile size.

3. Monochrome Style:

The next trick to make your shower look luxurious is an implementation of Monochrome style. This theme will enable you to use different colour schemes in your shower. All you have to do is to choose the one colour and simply decorate your shower by using different shades of same colour. All you have to do is to get the single strip of colour that you want to use in your washroom from the paint company.

4. Bathroom Storage:

Well organized washroom with appropriate storage space will always look luxurious. Having a low storage means you have to adjust lots of different things in a very congested way that will really look odd. It is much better to have cabinets, wall shelves, containers and mirror frames in your washroom so that you will keep bathroom accessories and ladies bathrobes in a well arranged and organized manner.

5. Size of your Existing Vanity:

To set the luxurious washroom to look its very important to consider the size of your vanity. To get the perfect look of your shower space, it’s very important to have the perfect size vanity in your washroom. In this regard, you can reuse your old vanity by adding a touch of uniqueness in your shower space.

Moreover, you can also opt to install a new smart vanity according to the theme of your washroom that will help you to make shower interior look more appealing and classy. Extra big vanity will never look appealing and requires a lot of space that will automatically make your washroom look congested.

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