5 Best Places Around the World for Solo Travel

5 Best Places Around the World for Solo Travel

Solo traveling is the best when it comes to achieving sanity, finding peace, doing things on your will and discovering the height of self-indulgence. It is a life-changing experience where all you do and see is based on what interests you the most.

When you are traveling all by yourself to a new country, new destination, we all know it is liberating, exciting and enthralling. But it could also be nerve-wracking at times to find the ideal place. Relax, as we bring you ideas of glitzy islands to artsy escapes, that will tempt you to go on a solo trip. Explore the top 5 places that are the world’s favorite of the ardent solo travelers.

1. UAE
A country of 7 diverse and vivacious emirates, is enough to keep the lone traveler feel dull at no point. Boasting another world of innovation, strict rules and preserved heritage, the country is everything that you look for. Dubai is a city where you travel solo, group, or couple, you won’t regret a thing. Racked up with superlatives and entertainment of all kinds, it is a gorgeous city. From hanging on the world’s longest zip-line to eating at the highest restaurant, the city is brimming with opportunities to try something new.

The next hit is the capital Abu Dhabi which is famous for its authentic dishes and you can end up learning the secrets of the recipe in the cooking classes. Take a walking tour, hit the desert, race in the Ferrari, watch the sun go down, soothe your nerves in a spa and revel in cycling.

See the best of Arabian culture at Sharjah, check out the prehistoric ruins at Ajman Museum, do camping and fishing in the coastal city of Fujairah, go dune bashing and beach hopping at Ras Al Khaimah, and cover the retro emirate Umm Al Quwain for the weekend.

2. New Zealand

For all the first-time solo travelers, New Zealand is a great place. Thanks to its grounded people, adventure playground, choices of lodges and hotels, and numerous vehicle rentals. Talking about its irresistible landscape that has everything worth capturing in your cameras, such as, volcanic debris, hot springs, untamed islands, Scottish towns, and rugged countryside. The dolphin cruises, revolving restaurants live outdoor movies are the finest ways to spend the evening.

Ascend the Sky Deck in Auckland and witness unparalleled views of the city. With turquoise inlets and tropical setup, Bay of Islands is a little paradise in the lap of nature. The wine lovers can rampage through Waiheke Island or visit the oldest wineries in Napier.

Cruise along the Lake Rotorua, bungee jump in Taupo, and catch the foamy waterfalls of Huka Falls. Go on a budget-friendly and gastronomical journey in the Kiwi Capital Wellington. Also, the Southern Island is a remarkable nature spot which is more about relaxing and marveling at the views.

3. Georgia

Looking for some quiet time away? Plan a travel itinerary listing the activities like cycling, beaching, and trekking. Georgia is a fantastic place for the ultimate "me" time. It's a colorful landscape, happening locals and rich culture will steal your heart and fit in your budget. Being the birthplace of wines, the selection of wine bars will never disappoint you. From preserving the ancient traditions to having the burgeoning club scenes, the country is a contrast in itself. the capital and the largest city, Tbilisi has a luxurious spa, ancient fortress, quaint village, turtle Lake and the third largest Orthodox Cathedral.

Take the steep climb to the David Gareja Monastery, visit the Vardzia dating back to the 12th century and party in clubs and casinos at Batumi. For someone who wants to boost their adrenaline, can paraglide, do speed racing, take a jeep tour, or join white water rafting.

So, either you want to rise in the sky or simply laze off and drink wine, Georgia will keep you covered.

4. Costa Rica

All hail to the warm and friendly locals that the trip to Costa Rica goes splendid. With a little cautious instinct and learning a few Spanish lingoes, the trip could be one hassle-free and seamless journey. The green landscape, mighty mountains, palm-fringed beaches, and tropical weather convince you to extend your holiday for all good reasons. Magnificent wildlife is the top thing to discover here. The jungles, valleys, and rivers reverberate with the chirpy, tweety and joyful sounds of birds and animals. Sloths, monkey, pumas, toucan, hummingbirds, and jaguars to migration of whales and turtles, this place is home to 5% of the world’s biodiversity.

You can stroll in the capital San Jose at coffee plantations to National parks. Pacific Coast has amazing wildlife views and idyllic beaches with the lesser crowd while the Carribean is famous for its laid-back vibe. Yoga retreat, detoxing and spa are equally famous.

There is no dearth of adventure too, one can do white-water rafting, kayaking, zip-lining, canopy gondola riding, scuba diving, and surfing. The country is definitely for the backpackers, adrenaline junkies, and wildlife researchers.

5. Norway

Peaceful, picturesque and plentiful- Norway is a Europe's loved country that can be explored from any point and still impress you from head to foot. One of the happiest countries in the world has a wide population speaking English, natural scenic views and good transportation. Amongst the beehive of activities, tickle your adventurous bone. Norway's endless stretch of snowfields and glaciers, mountainous terrain and rocky coastal islands fire the curiosity within. You can go glacier hiking under the guidance, or find tranquility in nature, or duck inside the museum and galleries, or unwind in the spas. The winters open doors to activities like dog-sledding, skiing, and snowmobiling. In summers, there are group activities from music festivals to white-water rafting and cycling, which create a safe experience. Be jaw dropped by the enchanting Northern Lights which are absolutely a rare visual.

The undisputed way to ogle at this spellbinding vista and natural splendor of Norway is to travel on the Bergensbanen train. It runs through the fjords, climbs canyons and rattles through burrows.

Choose any of the above countries (even with a blindfold) and you would have a truly sensational solo vacation.

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