4 Food Prep Hacks to Learn from Professional Caterers

4 Food Prep Hacks to Learn from Professional Caterers

The catering business is not easy to run because cooking is a time-consuming activity. The catering business is highly demanding and the caterers need to work extra hard to make sure that they are able to deliver the best food at the required time. Cooking for a lot of people is not an easy task as food preparation is not something that you can rush.

There are so many food preparation hacks that can make the caterer’s job much easier and efficient. You need to find a way to improve the speed of the cooking and get as much prepared ahead to time as you can. Here are some food prep hacks that professional caterers use to improve the efficiency and quality of the food.

Freeze the Tomato Juice:

Tomatoes are used in a lot of dishes and if you are preparing the menu that includes dishes that include tomatoes then you should take advantage of a simple hack so that you do not spend most of your time cutting and slicing the tomatoes. When you have to cut a lot of tomatoes you should always use a cutting board that comes with a trough. The trough will collect the juice that the tomatoes will release and you can pour them in a cube tray and freeze it. You can use the juice to add tomato flavor in several dishes. The hack can be used for a lot of fruits and vegetables.

Prepare Ahead:

If there are any components of the recipes that you will be trying that can be prepared ahead of time and stored in your under-counter fridge or freezer then you should prepare them ahead of time. It will make the job less stressful and will give you plenty of time to get everything done perfectly. Leaving everything for the last day is a huge mistake because when you are on a timeline it starts to fly and in an attempt to finish in time people get frantic which has a negative impact on the quality of service and food. Choose the menu smartly when you are cooking for a lot of people so that you can prep as much as you can beforehand.

Slicing the Onions:

Slicing the onions is not an easy task because when you are quickly trying to chop onions then you can injure the fingers. If you do not want to cut the fingers then you need to find a safer way to get the job done. If you want to improve the speed of onion cutting then you should by cutting the onion in half. Cut about ½ inch off the top of the onion and then start peeling. Cut it vertically and instead of cutting through it you should put the knife near the edge and plunge the tip near the roots. Continue cutting until you reach the other end and then rotate the onion 90 degrees. It will improve the speed of dicing.

Coating Hands with Olive:

When you are handling hot peppers and you do not want the spices to get into your eyes then you need to find a way to get the hands clean of the spiciness of the hot peppers. Before you start dicing the hot peppers you should take a teaspoon of olive oil and coat your hands in it. Make sure that the oil gets under the fingernails as well as around them.

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