4 Different Types of Wine Coolers Commonly Available in the Market

4 Different Types of Wine Coolers Commonly Available in the Market

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Actually, the refrigeration industry has been evolved so much and there are lots of newer models and versions have been introduced in the market that it becomes too much confusion that which one we have to buy or not. So, in the same way, there have been introduced the wine fridges, coolers, freezers, chillers so now it’s up to you that you analyze your need and decide which one you actually want to buy. Actually, the main reason for having a wine cooler in your kitchen is that you will have a proper storage space for storing your wine. As these coolers will help you to provide the ideal temperature that is required for storing your wine. Here in this article, we are discussing different types of wine coolers that are available in the market:

1. Countertop Coolers:

The first type of wine cooler that is being used in the bars, retail outlets and in houses is known as counter top coolers. People who don’t have much floor space present in their retail outlet should prefer to have these counter top wine coolers or under counter wine cooler. As these coolers could be placed over the counter easily. Other than that you might have it to place in your house if you have a habit to store wine collection. Keep in mind that first of all you have to analyze your needs after that think about the size and type of wine cooler that you actually want to buy. In these counter top coolers you can only store 4 to 24 bottles of wine.

2. Electronic Wine Chillers:

Other than that you can use an electronic wine chiller for storing wine, basically it will help you to get a chilled wine bottle in just five minutes. Actually the latest electronic chillers use to combine both ice and water and it will make you feel that you are having the latest version of the ice bucket. Other than that there are some of the electronic chillers just like the wine chiller of Waring Pro PC100, uses the Peltier Effect for chilling the wine that’s basically a thermo-electric technique which actually runs an electric current amongst two dissimilar metals that will create one hot and one cold.

3. Wine Storing Cabinets:

The next thing that you can consider storing wine is known as wine cabinets, it is considered to be the best option for people who have to store large collection but have fewer mount of space. Actually these types of wine cabinets could actually hold almost a dozen or even more wine bottles and side by side it also have separate space for wine glasses and added accessories.

4. Built-In Wine Coolers:

The next type of wine storing cooler is known as built in coolers, basically this is considered to be best for people who actually don’t want to waste the floor spacing keep in mind that it is considered to be the most expensive type of wine storing coolers. Reason behind this high price is that they are specially designed in a way that it really don’t need to have a ventilation around them.

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