3 No-Dig Technics For Easy Drain Repairs

3 No-Dig Technics For Easy Drain Repairs

As a developed suburb in Australia, Sydney plays a pivotal role in being a role model for other places. They are more refined in construction and urbanisation and an ideal model for a reformed world. Sydney is the best in everything, including medical services, household and community life. Like everything else, a blocked drain in Sydney shouldn't be a problem because of the city's plumbing experts.

Along with well-experienced plumbers, Sydney has a surge in its technical innovations that makes every problem a getaway to possibilities. There is development in the metropolitan water, the drainage and sewage system. There are various institutions which aid in better construction and operations of these systems. They have contributed to the maintenance of the systems greatly over the centuries.

When it comes to plumbing services, a blocked drain in Sydney is a frequent sighting due to the constant rains and unexpected storms that strike the continent. There is rainfall in Sydney, even during the driest month and the precipitation is about 51.5inch per year. Hence, there is constant clogging of the drainage for about 90% of the time and floods occur followed by accidents. However, Sydney has come up with various solutions to their problems.

Here is a look at some techniques and benefits in the maintenance and repair of drains:

  1. Pipe Relining

One of the causes of blocked drains is tree roots, which crack the sewer systems, leading to its collapse. Pipe relining is a hassle-free process where they reline pipes from 50mm to 375mm in diameter. The boundaries traps and cast iron stacks are also relined, with some best quality systems like Brawoliner.

The group of pipes needn't be dug out, which reduces the extra work required for the process.

  1. Pipe Patching

This process is also an alternative for digging out damaged, misaligned or broken pipes. This procedure is ideal for small leaks or cracks as a pipe of one or two metres is installed to correct the problem. It is more economical and doesn't cost as much as relining does.

In this process, first, the drain is cleaned using a water jet of high pressure. Then, a CCTV is inserted deep into the pipe to inspect the problems in it. Later the liner is cut and inserted into the damaged area, and in the end, patch repair will be again checked using the CCTV to ensure success in the process.

  1. Junction Repair

Often pipes at the junctions tend to crack or leak where two separate tubes connect. In the process, one can repair any underground problems in the meeting points without digging them out.

The procedure for correction in junction repair is the same as that of pipe relining and pipe patching. The only exception in this process is that liners' dimension should be similar to the junction points' requirement.

The innovations in Sydney's plumbing technologies have evolved, and no dig is the policy of many service providers. It is the same in almost every case, be it cutting, repairing, cleaning or maintenance. Robotic cutters are one way to remove a blockage in pipes. In this process, water jets of high pressure are employed, to operate in tubes from 50mm to 250mm in diameter.

In all these techniques, pipes are treated with care, so as to not damage the main ones.

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