3 Chocolate Terms Every Shopaholic Should Know!

3 Chocolate Terms Every Shopaholic Should Know!

Rakshabandhan is one of the most important festivals that is celebrated to re strengthen the sacred bond between brothers and sisters. The brothers promise to take care of their sisters for all years to come and sisters thank them for that and pray for their wellbeing and abundance. This is followed by sharing gifts, which are usually given by the brother to the sister in response to her good will and prayers for his long life and excellence at whatever he does.

These gifts can include sweets, clothes, tech products etc. But there’s one thing that rakshabandhan doesn’t seem complete with. And that is chocolates. A good set of chocolates that will turn any heart warm and thankful, upon simply laying eyes upon them. These chocolates are loved by one and all, andhence are the safest best when it comes to gifts and buying chocolates gifs for sister is just a sweet gesture.

Chocolate gift for sister

We discuss here a few important chocolate terminologies that are used quite often and any chocaholic needs to know these, in case he ever comes across them and doesn’t know their meanings! How embarrassing would that be! But do not worry we have got you covered. So here you go.

Chocolate Terminologies!

  • Seize - Chocolate happens to seize up when small amounts of liquid mix with it. This liquid may include moisture or tiny water droplets splashed upon it by mistake. It ends up turning into a thick mass that cannot be remelted or used properly once formed. Hence special care has to be taken here to avoid this from happening.
  • Chocolate Bloom –Sometimes we see white spots appearing on chocolate that has been kept for a considerable amount of time in unsuitable conditions. This is usually caused by the chocolate being heated and cooled faster than required, which the chocolate bar is unable to cope up with. This is also seen to happen when chocolate is refrigerated. It hardens up and gets the whitish film on top as well. But the good news is that it does not affect the quality of your chocolate and you can still have it to your hearts content.
  • Tempering –This refers to a technique used to stabilize chocolate using a relatively high cocoa butter content with a melting and cooling process that is followed so that the chocolate will get set firmly and quickly plus happens to retain its shiny glow at room temperature.

rakshabandhan gift for brother

So there you go! A few terms for chocoholics to keep in mind! But we are not done yet! Where will you buy your amazing hoard of chocolates that you desire, especially for a festival like rakshabandhan? We have got you covered with the best quality of chocolates and dates at Zoroy, where you can buy chocolates online in India, having a breathtaking collection of chocolates and sweets from Belgian chocolates to luxury ones, truffles and assortments, we have it all! Moreover, personalized chocolates gifts for sisters at rakshabandhan, with personal messages enclosed and even a complementary rakhi alongside! What more could you ask for! So come and check out Zoroy, and be stunned by the variety and quality that you see there!

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