3 amazing ways to effectively answer Customer Service Emails

3 amazing ways to effectively answer Customer Service Emails

As quoted by Vince Lombardi, ‘‘It takes months to find a customer and only seconds to lose one.’’ Most of the business owners are familiar with this quote, and that’s why they approach BPO firms to avail call center services India.

Nowadays, customers have multiple choice in support mediums to avail the desired resolutions. But whenever customers want a proper solution of an intricate issue, they often send an email to the company. In order to keep patrons satisfied, it is imperative to answer customer service emails properly.

Take a gander at the following 3 ways that will tell how support agents can answer customer service emails in an effective manner:

Watch your language

In the business world, it is said that high CSAT score depends on the way of your communication. Customers often prefer voice channel to get the desired support service because it offers the personal touch that other mediums don’t.

However, other channels like social media, live chat, etc. have their own specialties. BPO firms always instruct agents to use a personal tone with customers. The same thing applies while responding to customer service emails.

Whenever agents assist customers in a personal manner, the brand image gets reinforced, which as a result, leads to more new patrons.

Request customers to share vital info

Do you know the factor that gives email support channel an upper hand over the telephone? ‘The luxury of sharing videos, photos, etc.’ Customers usually choose support channels according to their needs.

For instance, if customers have a general query, they are more likely to opt for the voice channel. Similarly, email channel gets the preference when customers seek information related to products or services in a detailed manner. Regardless of customer service channels, it is the agents’ responsibility to offer the best possible solutions.

For better understanding, agents should request customers to share videos or images that tell about the issues clearly. Needless to say, support agents can offer top-notch resolutions after understanding the real cause of the issues.

Use canned messages but carefully

Ideally, the maximum time to respond customer service emails is 24 hours. But from the customer’s point of view, nothing is more important than prompt resolutions. Even, digital channels get preference over email owing to a less response time.

To enhance the quality of email customer service, it is vital to give a swift response. Here, canned messages could be handy. This is so because automated messages can easily ensure both consistency and speed at the very same time.

But, it is imperative to give the personal touch while using canned messages otherwise these can ruin customers’ experience of availing email support service. Consequently, this affects the brand image.

To make call center services India more preferable or effectively answer customer service emails, BPO firms should provide training in such a way that helps agents to use canned messages properly.

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