10 Tips for Naming your Perfume Business

10 Tips for Naming your Perfume Business

Even a small minor symbol on the packaging box matters a lot because everything on the packaging must have a meaning that relates to the product and the company. People look for the purpose of everything that is mentioned on the box.

Perfumes are a luxury product, and it plays an essential role in representing the personality of the person. Perfume boxes are designed aesthetically that becomes the signature look of a person. The perfume a person wears tells a lot about the person, their personality, and likes or dislikes.

A business name defines the company and is identified by its name just like people, and being said that name has a significant effect on a person's personality and life, is not wrong. A name must be chosen according to the essence and theme of the company as it affects the reputation of the company. All the legal businesses and decisions are made based on the name of the company. It is being recognized by the same name forever, and it is not an easy task to change the name of the company. Choosing the right name needs to look at different aspects and factors that can play an important role in creating the right image of the brand. The business name is not only used for the product packaging but also the websites, paper heads, letterhead, and business cards.

Perfume Business

Starting a new perfume business is exciting but takes energy and hard work. There are a lot of specialized companies that work for this very purpose and charge thousands of dollars to get you a perfect name for your company that is trendy, great business-related, and unique. Who said that you could not choose a name for yourself? It always does not allow you to spend money on a name when you have started a company.

How to Name to Perfume Business in Brilliant Way?

These few ideas on how to name your company will get you smoothly through the process.

1. Understand Your Business!

Business Understanding

The business name is the identity of your company and will be used forever on everything related to the company, advertisement, promotional material, and marketing, etc. For a perfume business, it is necessary to go with the name that is symbolic of the genre of the perfumes it is going to sell. There are fragrances from spicy to fruity to floral. Choose a name that does not specify any one of the scents you are going to sell.

2. What do you want to Convey to Through your Name?

Convey you Message

After understanding the nature of your business, it is time to make it clear what is the message or vibe your company wants to give to the customers. Every company has a kind of feel that helps in creating a bond or connection with the customers so that they can feel comfortable in choosing your product and trust you.

3. Keep the Name Related

Related Perfume Name

Not only a name has a connection with the customers, but it must refer to the type of product you are selling. Perfumes are a luxury product, and people keep a collection of it. These items directly go to the table of the customers in homes. A good name is necessary to create a memorable image that reminds people instantly that what they are talking about.

4. Keep the Name Short and Easy

Short Perfume Name

Simplicity is the key!

Simplicity never goes out of fashion. It is not necessary to use a complex and long name to be successful and keep that business running.

Long, complex, and hard to write and pronounce names are not proved to be popular. People avoid such products and brands that go for names out of the blue. For smaller and start-up business word of mouth matters a lot in advertising, which is the most successful form of marketing and if your customers find it hard to pronounce or remember your name or cannot spell it for others, there are more chances that they will not bother to put an extra effort in remembering your name. So, go for the names that do not create such issues.

5. Don’t Go Too Narrow or Liberal with the Name

Short Perfume Name

With time your business evolves or expands, and you cannot say it will not. For example in future you decide to add more fragrances like air fresheners in your collection alongside perfumes, your current name would be so narrow and limited. Go for the name that is not literal to what you are selling instead be general but related.

6. Do Not Go Geographic

Short Perfume Name

Some companies use their city name as their brand name, but it can cause hindrance later in the future. It also causes misconception about the product and services that your company offers by using geographic names.

7. Avoid Obscure Words

Short Perfume Name

The words that do not make any sense and are unable to describe or relate to something do not help in creating a strong name that attracts the audience and makes them feel buying your product. There must be some kind of sense that could be made of it.

8. Use of Symbol

Short Perfume Name

To give a stylish look to it, you can use a logo to create a name that starts with that symbol and combined to make a name. There are a lot of companies that offer custom perfume boxes, where you can customize your boxes in any way you like in any color and design. Use of symbols in the name can be designed on these boxes the way you want, which will look more attractive with beautiful colors.

9. Make Sure You Can Go Trademark

Short Perfume Name

Use a name that is not in use by any other company or brand as it causes serious copyright issue and can destroy your company’s name. It also creates confusion between two companies and affects the name and marketing and advertising of your company.

10. Mix it Up

Short Perfume Name

If nothing strikes you and spark any excitement, try to use a combination of different words that give meaning separately. Mixing and matching different words and symbols can be fun and sometimes come up with a unique name, but the thing that is important to understand is, it must be relatable to the business. These names designed with one-time printing on custom boxes for perfume packaging in wholesale will be perfect or a perfume business to be reasonable and striking.

A little effort can save you from spending a lot of money to choose a name for your company. Instead of choosing separate companies at every step in business development you can find a name for your company with these tips and then design perfume boxes in wholesale according to the nature of your company within few steps that are available in few clicks.

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