4 Ways Your Bathroom Environment Can Effect Your Health

4 Ways Your Bathroom Environment Can Effect Your Health

Bathrooms need to be practical and comfortable because you do not want to start your day in a place that is not functional and cozy. It is critical that you keep the bathroom clean and hygienic because if you fail to do so you can end up facing a lot of health hazards. You should also be careful about the décor of the place so that you can create a perfect balance between comfort and aesthetics.

If you care for your health then you have to make sure that you design and decorate the bathroom carefully. Here are some important things that you need to take care of so that you can make it a healthy place.

The danger of slipping:

The bathroom floors are mostly wet and there is a great danger of slipping. When you are stepping out of the bath tub the feet are wet as well which increases the chances of slipping. The kids under the age of five can also get injured by slipping inside the tub. Most of the bathroom injuries are caused by slipping in the bathroom. This hazard can be avoided by using bath mats and bathroom rugs. They not just provide a soft and comfortable floor space but also provide a safe space as you get out of bath. They will keep you from slipping.

Using the wrong shower curtain:

The showers curtains are an important part of the bathroom. They are practical and add a decorative touch to the bathroom. But the shower curtain can become a health hazard if you are careful about the material that you choose. The vinyl shower curtains are not a good choice because they have chemical toxins that can cause eye irritation, asthma and even cancer. Make sure that you choose the right fabric so that the shower curtain does not become a problem for your health.

Taking care of toxic mold:

The bathroom is a warm and moist place as people always like to enjoy a steamy shower. If you are do not clean the bathroom regularly then you can face the serious problem of toxic mold. The toxic mold can create a lot of health problems especially for respiratory system. You have to keep the towels and toweling bathrobes dry as well. Use towel racks and hooks to hang them so that they can dry. Use proper ventilation so that the bathroom stays dry. It will lower the chances of any toxic mold in the bathroom. Cleaning the bathroom with chlorine solution is also helpful.

The toilet germs:

Keeping the bathroom hygienic is essential or it can become a breeding ground for germs. If you want to keep the bathroom in pristine condition then you have to disinfect and clean the toilet regularly. When you flush the toilet it can spray all the harmful bacteria on the floor so always remember to put the lid down before flushing the toilet. Your toothbrush should always be covered so that it does not become infected.

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